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Inspur At CVPR 2019

CVPR?is the premier annual computer vision event comprising the main conference and several co-located workshops and short courses. It provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers.

Below are some our?showcase?highlights for your information:

Industry Leading AI Computing Platform

Design for your training applications: high density with superb performance

AGX-5?- 8U 16*GPUs(V100 32GB) / NVSwitch enabled

AGX-2?– 2U 8*GPUs(V100) / NVLink? /PCIe


Design for your inference applications: flexible configuration match exactly your demand

NF5280M5 – 2U 4*GPUs(V100/T4)+2*PCIex8+ OCP NIC

NF5486M5 – 4U 8*GPUs(V100)/16GPUs(P4/T4)/NVLink?/PCIe

FPGA F10A – A half-height-half-length FPGA card with the highest functional density and best performance in the industry and supports development in OpenCL

FPGA F37X- ?the world's first FPGA AI accelerator card with integrated on-chip HBM2. With 28.1 INT8 TOPS, 460GB/s bandwidth and a power consumption of less than 75W for typical AI applications

AI PaaS platform & AutoML Suite

AI Station- a complete AI deep learning cluster management software enabling simple and flexible deep learning, and makes it easy to train and combine popular model types across multiple GPUs and servers.

Auto ML- the world’s first highly parallel extension to provide on-premise and cloud deployment, and it enables non-professionals to build network models with minimal operations

What you may interested:?We have a new product launch and two in booth sessions, to know more about have Inspur can empower your AI business,?stop by Inspur booth #447?to check it out, having a chance to win big and to go home with some exciting raffle prizes.

We look forward to meeting you at?CVPR?2019!

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