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Inspur at NeurIPS

Established in 1987, the Conference and Workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) is a top conference on the field of machine learning and computational neuroscience held every December. The conference is currently a double-track meeting that includes invited talks as well as oral and poster presentations of refereed papers, followed by parallel-track workshops.The main topics of the paper of NeurIPS are machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistics.

Stop by Inspur booth #815 to take a deep dive into Inspur’s full stack AI solutions, get to know powerful AI servers and network with AI professionals!

Inspur Solution

Come to Inspur booth to explore our cutting-edge AI hardware and software, talk with our AI experts.

Powerful scale-up AI super-server

  • With 16 NVIDIA? Tesla? V100 Tensor Core 32GB GPUs, AGX-5 offers up to 2 petaFLOPS of computing performance, enabling unprecedented AI acceleration.

Highest density GPU computing system

  • 2U 8 GPU Highest density server with NVIDIA? NVLink? 2.0 enabled

Flexible GPU resource pooling solutions

  • A flexible and high scalability AI accelerating box, offers high expansion performance from 2 to16 GPU cards, and provides flexible topology changes by changing the connection between server and expansion module.

AI Deep Learning Cluster Management Software

  • Enables efficiently deployment of DL environment and management of DL training tasks, AIStaion also supports visualization of cluster management.

AI Application Performance Monitor and Analyzer

  • Supports computing resource and parameter monitoring, Teye enables application diagnosis and optimization.

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