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Inspur has complete HPC software and hardware product lines and application service systems

With a focus on innovation, Inspur has proven capabilities in HPC R&D, system design, construction, deployment, operation, service, and maintenance of petascale supercomputers.


With a focus on innovation, Inspur has proven capabilities in HPC R&D, system design, construction, deployment, operation, service, and maintenance of petascale supercomputers.

What's new

Inspur has been involved in the field of high performance computing since 1999 and has followed the "application-driven" pragmatic development strategy for the development of high-performance computing cluster systems.

Based on the hardware platform, Inspur constantly compliments and perfects itself in high-performance specialized fields knowledge, derived a series of reliable, efficient hardware and software products.

Inspur high-performance computing has developed more than 18 years.

It has provided numerous teaching and research institutes, enterprises and scientific institutions in China with customized high-performance computing platforms to help customers truly create the most suitable and excellent computing environment.


Inspur high-performance solutions through continuous enrichment and improvement, now includes four modules: a comprehensive hardware architecture, flexible system environment, efficient management platform, professional application optimization services.


Hardware Architecture: Inspur server provides a wide range of hardware architecture, support for Intel Xeon series, IBM power series processors, Intel Xeon PHI series, FPGA accelerator card, NVIDIA GPU accelerator card and other coprocessors. For storage systems, Inspur supports distributed storage, object storage, centralized storage; and for network systems, Inspur supports Mellanox or Omni-Path high-speed network based on the customer's actual application environment and analysis of system bottlenecks, in order to select the reasonable hardware.

System Architecture: support for a wide range of system platforms, providing professional design and construction services in parallel environment. According to the hardware selection and the actual needs of customers to configure the parallel environment, including the compiler environment and operating environment, to provide multi-version compilation and operating environment coexistence solution.

Management Platform: Inspur has own Cluster Engine series management software to help users manage cluster devices efficiently. The visual operation interface and standard web interface allow clients to monitor the equipment running status and manage remotely. Its built-in task scheduler can do the unified management and monitor the entire computing resources. Inspur self-developed Teye microarchitecture analysis software is able to monitor and collect the smallest changes of hardware during the running of the program, so as to help users analyze their application bottlenecks and guide the user's to achieve application optimization.

Application Optimization Services: Inspur has established joint labs with NVIDIA and INTEL. In particular, Inspur has accumulated rich experience in heterogeneous migration and tuning. Inspur holds the certification training of application engineer in China IMACE (Inspur-Intel MIC Certified Engineer) and the certification of application engineer in ICCE (Inspur-Nvidia CUDA Certified Engineer) every year to help users to gain practical technologies such as programming, tuning and system analysis.

Inspur HPC solutions have experienced hundreds of cases of measured and tested, from a few pieces of equipment to thousands of pieces of equipment, from the underlying hardware to the upper management, from hardware optimization to software optimization, have accumulated countless experience. Hence, Inspur has strong confidence to provide the most professional and most suitable solution for each client in different fields.


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