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STB&Home gateway

Inspur combines its set top box and home gateway with internet connectivity along with WIFI to deliver the absolute cutting edge technology for your home.

Key Product Introduction

D2000 Smart UHD HDMI Stick
D2000 is a highly integrated smart IPTV/ OTT solution, support UHD, HEVC decoding and wireless transmission.
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IPBS9510 Smart UHD IP receiver
IPBS9510 is a highly integrated smart IPTV/ OTT solution, support UHD, HEVC decoding and wireless transmission.
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STB3982C Smart UHD Cable Receiver
STB3982C is an Android smart UHD cable receiver supporting HEVC decoding, multi-screen interaction and powerful Wi-Fi.
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STB9642C Smart UHD Cable Receiver
STB9642C is a highly integrated smart UHD cable receiver supporting UHD, HEVC, multi-screen and wireless access.
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Typical Application

How Shandong CATV Takes the Lead of 4K Ultra HD Era [Introduction] After the 4K channel land in Shandong CATV Enjoy HD Museum, it can provide digital TV audiences with ultra HD experiences felt as clear and true as on the scene. And this solution is pr... Empower an Intelligent Future >
The "Digital TV Dream" of Vi...
[Introduction] By introducing Inspur's digital TV solution, Vietnam Viettel Grou...
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How to Enable Taiwan CATV Us...
[Introduction] By introducing Inspur's STB-9832C series of HD set-top box soluti...
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