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Gene Appliance G100/G1000

Product Overview:

Specially designed for gene analysis, Inspur’s Gene Appliance effectively integrates hardware and software together for research fields related to gene studies.

As a competitive and cost-effective solution, it has excellent performance that meets the requirements of analysis of biologic information of various sizes and types.

The Gene Appliance is particularly applicable to precision medicine, genomics, molecular biology cell development, agro-horticulture crop science etc.  

Key Features
●Integrated hardware and software turnkey solution
Application software programs preloaded and configured before shipment
Online software updates without hassles
●Software both integrated and customized
Eight preloaded test flows: genome-wide re-sequencing, exon analysis, genome initiation, genome duplication group / transcriptome sequencing, small RNA analysis, data analysis of digital gene expression and profile sequencing, Chip-seq data analysis, and methylation data analysis. Twenty-seven mainstream software programs are integrated, including FastQC / Gatk / Picard / blastn / Bowtie / Bwa / Velvet / Samtools / Tophat / Cufflinks / BEDTools / ANNOVAR, etc. Five types of data sets of GRCh37, GRCh38, Arabidopsis thaliana, Mouse and Drosophila are also preloaded.
●One click submission, automatic operation.
After selecting directly one of the predefined workflows, and defining input parameters and data sets, the user can do a one-click job submit. Under equal computational time premise, multiple job submit on single workflow can help to reduce repetitive operations and improve the overall resource utilization efficiency.
●The Gene Appliance browser-based user interface provides a very efficient and convenient tool for user operations.
All system- or software-related operations like workflow, reference sequence and parameter selection can be efficiently completed through the graphic interface.



Inspur G100 Desktop Appliance

Inspur G1000 DP Center Appliance


Low noise, favorable size, high cost efficiency

High performance, large memory, high bandwidth, meets intensive computing requirements

Compute Performance

Transcriptome analysis of one sample per hour.

Genome-wide analysis of 18 humans per day.

Suitable for

Small research groups and testing institutions

Medium research groups and hospitals


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