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Software Upgrade Test


Customer description: One of world’s largest software companies. This company sells products all over the world and gains considerable global market share. Its annual sales volume exceeds tens of billions of US dollars.

Field: IT industry

Project background: Our customer required the regular release of product update information, so as to provide its global customers with details of the latest functions, bug fixes and performance improvements. These products included an Internet browser, media service, and various applications. The project mainly included entering the Meta data and application standards, quality control, and releasing the content on time.

Project scope: Software testing

Scale: 600 man-months

Project characteristics:

Knowledge: Familiarity with all Microsoft platforms; reporting and analysis of bugs.

Technical skills: Familiarity with Windows component configuration and writing XML in order to define update rules; rich testing knowledge.

High productivity: Each tester operated more than one machine on different platforms at the same time, demonstrating excellent time management and multi-tasking skills.

Communication skills: Having a strong command of the English language; completing all documents and reports in English; communicating with customers in English.

Management skills: Planning and allocating resources; supervising the data entry; monitoring the test coverage ratio and working progress, reporting bugs, submitting work reports regularly, and quality control.

Solution: Through strict selection, we built a development and test team with a project manager who was fluent in English, and dispatched a team to the customer site (in the U.S.). Before the launch of the project, all team members underwent strict training, through which they noted the customer’s requirements and acquired the necessary technical expertise. During the project, we maintained efficient communication with the customers according to the established agenda, and solved all problems.

Outcome: The project was carried out smoothly and was finished in advance. We exceeded our customer’s expectations by considerably shortening the client’s marketing period.


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